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Add NEW Life To Your Existing High Energy HID Lamps

Retrofit Them With An LED And Never Touch Them For 10+ Years

80% Energy Savings and NO More Bucket Truck Expense

Eliminate Your Lighting Maintenance Headaches For 10 PLUS YEARS And Lower Your Energy Cost By Up To 80%!
Takes Only 20-30 Minutes To Retrofit.

Why buy NEW when you can retrofit for LESS?


shoe boxLED Retrofit Shoe boxRetrofit LED Parking Lot Light

(Average 2 Year Energy and Maintenance Savings @$.12 per KWH is $536.00 Per Fixture)

Our LED Retrofits Last Up To 70,000 PLUS Hours And

Have A 10 Year Warranty On The LED Head and

5 Years On The Driver

Our units are all manufactured in a ISO 9000 Certified Plant and are UL listed.

We also have DLC Premium UTILITY approved mounting brackets available for Rebates.


LED Retrofit Parking Lot LightingRetrofit LED parking lot light

These are Important When Applying For Any Kind Of Rebates With Your Utility Company. Some Utility Rebates Can Be Up To $180 Each. It's worth a phone call to your local utility company!  

All LED Retrofit Lights Are Not The Same...Make Sure You Get The Highest Quality Components and Lumen Output Available.

At Neu-Tech Energy Solutions we will only sell you the highest quality products. We have sold thousands of LED Retrofit Lights and know what works and what does NOT work. Our products our purchased based on years of experience and knowledge in the industry.

Check out the rest but buy from the best!

We offer:

New level of electronic design:

1.Our factory is ISO 9000 Certified

2.We use the latest and best chip technology. Nichia 140lm/w

3.High Light Efficiency: 115-135 LM/W System. Brightness Parking Lot Light On The Market

4.UL and PREMIUM DLC listed Mounting Kits Available

5.We use REAL Mean Well top of the line drivers. No substitutions

6.PCB Boards: UL and high quality

7.Protection Circuit: Advanced circuit design, short circuit/ over current/over voltage

8.Warranty: 5 years on LED Drivers and 10 Years on LED heads



ISO 9000 Retrofit LED lighting plant                 Parking Lot Lighting Aging Station               LED Retrofit Packaging

ISO 9000 FACTORY                                    24 HOUR AGING ROOM     Quality Packaging

Forget About Buying A New Fixture....Use Your Own!

Our LED Retrofit Kits convert HID, HPS and Fluorescent light fixtures into maintenance free, energy efficient LED Fixtures.


bucket truck   bucket truck 1000w

Neu-Tech Energy Solutions is your "LED Retrofit Lighting Specialist".  In the past 7 years we have sold thousands of these lights to customers all over the country and world. Applications include: parking lots, parking garages, many churches, hotels, office buildings, manufacturing plants, strip shopping centers, large shopping centers, power plants, municipalities, medical facilities and more.

We represent only the highest quality LED Retrofit Manufactures. We provide "off the shelf" LED Retrofit Kits for shoe boxes in parking lots, parking garage lots, high and low bay lighting for manufacturing, wall pack lights, and LED tubulars for fluorescent bulbs and many other applications listed. All with up to 70,000 PLUS hour lifespan and 10 year warranty on LED head and 5 year on driver.

Ask about our DEMO program. Try before you buy.

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DESCRIPTION                                                         NT-GI-RT-120                (120w)                 


AVERAGE HOURS PER DAY WINTER & SUMMER                    13                                                           

TOTAL HOURS PER YEAR USAGE                                                 4745                       



WATTAGE DRAW OF EXISTING 400W LAMPS PER HOUR       458                                                         

WATTAGE DRAW OF LED RETROFIT UNIT                                 120                                                         

WATTS SAVED PER LED FIXTURE                                                 338                                                         

TOTAL WATTS SAVED PER YEAR PER FIXTURE                       1,603,810W                           

TOTAL KILOWATTS SAVED PER YEAR PER FIXTURE              1,603KW                



ENERGY SAVINGS PER YEAR BASED ON $.10 PER KWH        $160.00                                  

ENERGY SAVINGS PER YEAR BASED ON $.12 PER KWH        $193.00   per fixture                                               

ENERGY SAVINGS PER YEAR BASED ON $.14 PER KWH        $225.00                                                  


AVERAGE DEFAULT MAINTENANCE SAVINGS/ FIXTURE     $100.00   per fixture                               



AVE. 2 YEAR ENERGY & MAINT. SAVINGS @$10/KWH           $470.00                                                                  

AVE. 2 YEAR ENERGY & MAINT. SAVINGS @$12/KWH           $536.00   per fixture                                               

AVE. 2 YEAR ENERGY & MAINT. SAVINGS @$14/KWH           $600.00                                  


AVE. 5 YEAR ENERGY & MAINT. SAVINGS @$10/KWH           $1,175.00                               

AVE. 5 YEAR ENERGY & MAINT. SAVINGS @$12/KWH           $1,340.00 per fixture                             

AVE. 5 YEAR ENERGY & MAINT. SAVINGS @$14/KWH           $1,500.00                               


Note: Above calculations do not include any rebates available from the local utility provider or any

Escalation in energy costs.


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Check Out Our New LED Super STRIP Lights for Replacing Your T12, T8 and T5 Fluorescent  tubes. Save up to 50% and get 30% more light plus they last over 100,000 hours not a few years. You have not seen bright until you have seen our 165 lumen per wall Super Bright LED Strip.

Click to Check out the latest installation video.

before fluorescent tube light                          LED Super Strip Light  

Old Warehouse T12 Lighting     New LED Super Strip Lights

LED Super Strip High Bay Light

165 Lumen Per Watt Super Strip (last 100,000 hours)  


LED Super Strip  Click For More Info

Recent Retrofit LED Applications From The Thousands

We Have Done Across The US

airplane hangar high bay LED retrofitshopping center parking lot LED retrofit

automobile parking lot LED retrofit

hotel motel parking lot LED retrofit

church LED retrofit parking lot

gas station LED retrofit canopy lightindustrial parking lot LED retfofit

post top LED retrofit Lightindustrial LED retrofit parking lot light

office building parking lot LED retrofit

school swimmin pool led retrofitlibrary LED retrofit light

school service department LED high bay LED

warehouse LED retrofit super stripfreezer warehouse LED high bay retrofit

quality packaging LED Retrofit factory


gas station LED canopy light retrofit


Whatever Light You Have There Is A 99%

Chance We Can Retrofit It To An LED And

Save You Up To 70% In Energy Cost.


The Truth About HID Lamps

All metal halide bulbs have a relatively short life span compared to new technologies that are available today. This article is telling you what you may not realize if you are the owner of metal halide lights.


           400 Watt Metal Halides Lose 50% Light

Output At About   50% Of The Life Of The Bulb.


How long a lamp lasts and how long it's good for are two totally different things. Most lamp manufacturers rate their 400WMH lamps between 16,000 and 20,000 hours.

However as you can see from the chart, the lamps are only producing around 50% of their intended light after only 10,000 hours. The lighting output begins to decline the first time you turn on the power to the new bulb.

graph lumen maintenance chart

A 1000 Watt Metal Halide Light

Loses 50% of Lumens Even Faster

1000WMH lamps are rated for a life of around 11,000 hours. So in keeping in the characteristics of metal halide they would produce the light output of a 400 WMH lamp in roughly 5,000 to 6,000 hours of use.

This means that you are only getting 50% of the output from your 1000WMH, but you are still burning 1058 watts.  You are getting 1/2 the light for 100% of the cost of operating the fixture.  Is that a good deal?


If you lamped your facility it would take just over a year for you to be down to the light levels of a 400WMH lamp. The bad part is lamps and ballasts don't care if you’re not getting full light output as they will spin your Electric Meter just as fast using as much energy on day Five Hundred as it did on day One. Any increase in the cost of electricity over time just makes the problem even more expensive.

Payback is usually under 2 years.

Call NOW to see how easy it is

to start saving MONEY EVERY MONTH.


We have literally sold thousands of our LED Retrofit lights across the country. With satisfied customers like Monsanto, EPA, Coast Guard, Fort Levanworth, Lutron hundreds of hotels, churches, electrical contractors, schools, universities and more we have the experience to help you solve your LED lighting needs.


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Neu Tech Energy Solutions

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Neu-Tech Energy Solutions:

"Your Retrofit LED Lighting Specialist" 

We can retrofit 99% of any HID, HPS, Fluorescent Tube, Incandescent or Halogen Lamp in the following applications and more...parking lot lights, flood lights, parking garage lights, street lights, cobra heads, shoe boxes, canopy lights, wall packs, bollards, acorn lights, decorative light post, recessed cans, T8, T5, T12 tubes, high bay lighting, low bay lighting, gas station lighting, canopy lighting, school lighting, gymnasium lighting, stadium lighting, fluorescent lights, cfl lights, PL lamps, sconces, library lighting, school lighting, corn cob LED, corn cob lighting and more


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