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LED Corn Cob Lighting Is Great For Decorative Post, Bollard Lights, Acorn Lights, High Bay Lights and More

Finally An Inexpensive Way To Cut Your Energy Cost And Eliminate Your Lighting Maintenance


We can retrofit your existing HID or HPS lamp from 40W to 800W with one of our Corn Cob Light Engines.

Corn Cob Light   LED Corn Cob Pictures

Easy Retrofit Installation Only Takes Minutes To Install

Save Up To 80% In Energy Cost


Don't Be Misled By Lower Quality Corn Cob Replacements


Replaces 70W to 800W HID Systems 120/305V

Available In WW 2700-3300K, PW 3700-4300K, CW 5700-6300K

E26, E39 Base, UL, CL, Energy Star LM79, LM80

5 Year Warranty / 10 Year Life Span

Wattage Available: 8-10-14-18-22-27-36-45-54-80-100-120

Can Be Used In Sealed Fixture


LED Corn Cob Application


        360 Degree Lamp 8-120 Watt

LED Corn Cob Applications





LED Corn Cob Installation


Cron Cob Retrofit High Bay  High Bay Retrofit Corn Cob Corn Cob Decorative Light Retrofit


Our LED Corn Cob Lights can replace any of your existing High Energy Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium Lights and save you up to 80% in Energy.

Don't forget they last 50,000 hours which is 4 times longer than what you are currently using.

Call one of our LED Retrofit Specialist to find out the exact LED Corn Cob you need to start saving you money.

513-702-3533 / 262-707-7288 / 513-325-1623 / 407-230-9096

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