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Your Old HID Lamps In Your Canopy Lights and Wall Packs Are Costing You Money!

In About 20 Minutes You Can Either Retrofit to An LED or Put In New Energy Efficient LED

New or Retrofit you can start saving up to 80% in energy in about 20 minutes plus eliminate your maintenance on them for decades

Neu-Tech Energy Solutions has a complete line of High Quality LED Wall Packs and Canopy Lights. These are made with the best LED Chips and Drivers on the market. Complete 6 Year Warranty on the LED light and 5 Years on the LED Driver. DLC Listings If Needed.


New LED Rotateable LED Wall Pack...Put The Light Where You Want It!

Click HERE To Check Out Video Of NEW Rotateable LED Wall Packs

Rotateable Wall Pack LED  Wall Pack LED Rotateable

Put The Light Where You Want It! Up, Down, Forward, Wall Wash, Ceiling Indirect Light For Pool, Totally Adjustable


Available In 20-40-60-80 Watt that can replace 60W HID to 150W HID

Call For Pricing: 513-702-3533


Don’t forget if you want to keep your existing Wall Pack or Canopy Light we can supply you with an LED Retrofit Light Package that will probably be less than a new unit.

If you have old wall packs or canopy lights that are yellowed out the best thing to do is go with a new LED unit. A LED Retrofit light will not go through the distorted cover. Retrofits only take about 20 minutes to install and they last over 70,000 hours.


Retrofit LED Wall Pack  wall pack LED retrofit wall pack LED retrofit corn cob

If your wall pack or canopy light is in good shape we can retrofit it with one of our

LED lighting engines for a lot less money.

From 50W to 400W we can retrofit any wall pack or canopy light you have.

 Typical LED Wall Pack Lights

LED Wall Pack 45 degree  LED Wall Pack Full Cut small wall pack LED

Standard LED Wall Packs, 45 Degree, Full Cut and Small Size

All of our wall packs are industrial grade, long life, best LED drivers, best LED's and best warranty. Not your standard shopping cart wall packs.

Call for best prices. We can help you pick out the right wall pack for your application. There are many choices and you need to make sure you get the right one. LED lights last a long time so picking out the right one is imperative.


Call one of our LED Retrofit Lighting Specialist and will help you come up with the best way to SAVE MONEY.

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If you are looking for a proposal you can use our Request For Quote form on our main site or you can call one of our LED Retrofit lighting specialist.

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We can retrofit 99% of any HID, HPS, Fluorescent Tube, Incandescent or Halogen Lamp in the following applications and more...parking lot lights, flood lights, parking garage lights, street lights, cobra heads, shoe boxes, canopy lights, wall packs, bollards, acorn lights, decorative light post, recessed cans, T8, T5, T12 tubes, high bay lighting, low bay lighting, gas station lighting, canopy lighting, school lighting, gymnasium lighting, stadium lighting, fluorescent lights, cfl lights, PL lamps, sconces, library lighting, school lighting, corn cob LED, corn cob lighting and more